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2016 US Army SF kit list

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2016 US Army SF kit list Empty 2016 US Army SF kit list

Mensaje  nachoc25 Mar Mayo 29 2018, 10:53

Buenos días.

Os dejo un kit list extraído de devtsix.com con un kit list de los Green Berets para el 2016. Como indica, los elementos están colocados de más a menos, según lo común que se sean.

2016 US Army Special Forces Gear List
This is a work in progress gear list of the modern US Army Special Forces, that both me and [tag]Intabaa[/tag] has worked a lot on. Some of the things on this list works like this; the thing that is written first in order is the most common and the thing that is written last is the least common but still in fair use. We have tried to not include any unicorn items. It would be cool if we could get help to make this list even longer and more accurate.

Line 1
*Level 1-7 PCU systems are most likely Patagonia (I have yet to ID these properly but there are some pictures of them with the 10th SFG in Germany.)

Combat/field shirts:
*Level 9 Patagonia combat shirt (MultiCam)
*Level 9 Patagonia field shirt (Multicam)
*Crye Gen 3 combat shirt (MultiCam)
*Crye AC combat shirt (MultiCam)
*Crye field shirt (MultiCam)

Combat/field pants:
*Level 9 Patagonia combat pants (MultiCam)
*Level 9 Patagonia field pants (MultiCam)
*Crye Gen 3 pants (MultiCam)
*Crye AC pants (MultiCam)
*Crye field pants (MultiCam)

*Mechanix gloves
*Ironsight gloves

*Merrel Moabs
*Salomon Quest 4D
*Asolo Fugitive
*Salomon Quest GTX boots

*ACU belt

Riggers belt:
*Blackhawk riggers belt
*Viking Tactics Cobra riggers belt

Battle belt:
*Crye blast belt (MultiCam)
*Eagle Industries SFLCS war belt
*Tyr Brokos
*VTAC Brokos
*Ronin Senshis (is also a riggers belt)
Line 2

- Head and communication:
*Ops-Core Maritime Ballistic
*Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic
*Ops-Core Fast Ballistic

Boonie hat:
ACU type VI boonie cap (MultiCam)

*S&S Manta Strobe

*Peltor Comtac III
*Black Peltor Comtac rail adapters

*AN/PRC 152
*AN/PRC 148
*AN/PRC 117

Push to talk:
*Peltor PTT
*Kenwood U94

*Oakleys M Frame
*Boogie regulators

Night Vision mount:
*L4G24 (Silver)
*ANVIS 9 mount

Night vision:
- On body:
Plate Carrier:
*Crye AVS
*Crye JPC
*MayFlower APC

Chest rig:
*MayFlower UW Gen IV

Magazine pouch:
*Crye stanag front flap (MultiCam)
*ITW FastMag (Tan)
*Blue force gear ten speed (MultiCam)
*ITW Pistol magazine pouch (Tan)

Radio pouch:
*Tyr 152-pouch (MultiCam)
*Crye AVS MBITR pouch
*Crye JPC MBITR pouch

*SOFLCS Eagle Industries extended pistol mag pouch
*SOFLCS double stack magazine pouch
*SOFLCS version 2 admin pouch
*SOFLCS Eagle Industries grenade pouch
and the rest of the SOFLCS pouches… (I’m lazy alright…)

Hydration system:
Line 3

- Backpacks:
Assault pack:
*Eagle Industries Beavertail Assault Pack (MultiCam)

Sustainment pack:
*Mystery ranch satl (MultiCam)
*Large Alice Pack
- Weapons and attachments:
Primary weapon:
*Mk18 mod 1
*M4a1 with FSP rail
*Mk17 // Scar-H
*Remington 870P
*Mk20 SSR // Scar SSR

M4a1 stock
LMT Crane stock

Flash suppressor:

*Eotech EXPS 3-0,
*SPECTRE DR (with red dot sight on-top)
*ACOG (with red dot sight on-top)

Peq box:


*Magpul afg angled foregrip

Weapon sling:
*Viking Tactics two point sling (MultiCam)

*SureFire 556


Secondary weapon:

*Safariland 6345DO

Rocket and Grenade launchers:
*Mk13 Grenade Launcher (EGLM)
*M27 LAW
*M3 Carl Gustaf

Global Positioning System:
*GPS Garmin Foretrex
UNCOMMON but honorable mentions...
*Crye MRB (MultiCam)
*Ronin tactics senchi belt (MultiCam)
*EAGLE Industries AERO
*Crye CPC
*arm map pouch (black)
*blackhawk holster
*Haley strategic D3
*Peltor ComTac IV, 2 and 1
*Tactical Tailor Lower accessory pouch
*Oakley assault gloves
*KAC QD Suppressor
*M4a1 Sopmod

Y aquí, una aclaración más que hizo otro compañero de ese foro:

One big thing to note about this list is it provides no context and no idea of the frequency of an item, which is absolutely key. This shows that items are in use, but not which combos they're seen in conjunction with, context provided by photos and videos. Therefore the best use of a list like this is becoming familiar with the items on it so you can identify them in photos quickly and easily, you don't want to matchup stuff that isn't seen together. Under no conditions should you just copy this and try to build an SF kit based off it, you need to do research.
Patagonia mainly, various may be seen on a unicorn basis, such as Arcteryx.
The issued set are Patagonia L9s, full stop, preferably green-bodied shirts, but MC body is also seen. However Crye continues to be seen, more commonly with CIF/CRF and 10th SFG, both AC and G3 are fine. Any other combat set is a unicorn. SF, being members of the Army, also receive and wear ACUs, although less commonly than combats. The L9 field shirt is also gtg, as are Crye Fields, although more as a continuation thing, they aren't showing up in pics that much, but we know guys have them.
Mainly Mechanix and Ironsights, various others on a less common basis (PIGs, etc...)
Crye AVS and Blast, EI SFLCS, ATS, Tyr Brokos (VTAC as well), various riggers belts, with or without Cobra buckles, as well as riggers/molle belts like Tyr gunfighters and Ronin Senshis.
The Ops Core Maritime, full stop. Your maritime should be tan, but you can get away with MC (rare) or black (exceptionally rare, one confirmed pic). Any other helmet is significantly less common, other helmets include the Ops Core High Cut (strongly consider if the person wearing this helmet might be an enabler), Crye Airframe (tan, one confirmed MC dipped one), and various unicorns like TW Exfils.
IF they have a Helstar strongly consider that they may be AFSOC. Helstar+MC dipped High Cut should setoff alarm bells.
Comtac III is the most common, in CB, but RG as well for a less common option. Some older model Comtacs linger, as well as new IVs, on a less common basis (CIF/CRF, or maybe Delta  Very Happy )
Kenwood U94, if they have a TEA 94 consider that they may be AFSOC...
The Crye AVS is the new MBAV, and therefore by and far the most common. Some MBAVs still linger. Other options include a MAyflower APC, Crye JPC, HGG "6094", and Tyr PICO, but none are as common as the AVS.
Too many to list, consider BFG, HSGI, Tyr, Sotech, CSM, SFLCS especially, Tactical Tailor, ATS, FS, basically any major pouch maker, BUT YOU NEED PROOF OF YOUR PARTICULAR POUCH BEING USED!.
Most commonly the Tyr 152 (looks like the 148), HGG, and internal ones from Tyr and Crye.
The Block 1 has fallen out favour, long live the FSP version instead.
I've never seen confirmed SF using an SSR, also, they use the M110. EDIT: Pic has emerged of SF using the SCAR-20.
The most common optic is the SU-231A or Elcan 1-4, all others pale in comparison.
I've never seen a KAC QD in 2016 pics.
Various Safariland holsters have been seen, as well as SERPAs.

Espero que os sea útil!
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