Special Forces Airsoft Group (SFAG) Green Berets
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FORUM RULES (Please read before posting)

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FORUM RULES  (Please read before posting) Empty FORUM RULES (Please read before posting)

Mensaje  Dreis Miér Dic 07 2011, 12:04

FORUM RULES  (Please read before posting) Forumza
FORUM RULES  (Please read before posting) Normativai


1 - The vehicular language of the forum is spanish, however, english can be used, but preferably inside the ENGLISH subforum, wich is just for english. Please write in an understandable way and use lowercase.

2 - Please, before posting anywhere, introduce yourself in the presentations subforum, so we can all meet each other and give you our best welcome.

3 - We encourage users to be friendly and respectful. All messages in a contemptuous tone, with insults, bad sounding words that can be interpreted as such, threats, slander, or disrespect inside any post or reply, will be deleted without hesitation. Also, there's no option for dealing with political or ideological issues.

4 - Any video or image wich is violent, nasty, racist, sexist, xenophobic or making war and hate propaganda, treating airsoft replicas as firearms, or similar, will be deleted.

5 - Try to avoid repetition of topics and / or messages with the same content. Learn to use the "Search button" to find issues that have already been spoken.

6 - We ask users to avoid making SPAM in the threads of conversations. Try not to change topics.

7 - Make sure that the images do not exceed 640 pixels wide so as not to mismatch the post text box.

8 - The use of graphical signatures is restricted to just SFAG members by now.

9 - The use of avatars is restricted to these measures: 103 x 99 pixels. You can put your own our choose one in our avatars gallery.

10 - Impersonate another user or lying about your ID, leads to permanent ban.

11 - Users who are inactive for a period of more than 1 year  will be deleted for maintenance reasons.

12 - It is forbidden to use the term "weapons" in reference to the "replicas" or "markers" used in this sport, please remember, this is a sport and we don't "kill", we "eliminate", we do not use firearms, these are replicas that fire 6mm biodegradable pellets.

13 - Any user who violates any of these rules will be penalized or permanently banned, depending on the infringement.

14 - Due to a hacker attack on our first forum, registration is needed, you will be activated by the admin as soon as possible. Any suspect user who attempts register will not be activated.

FORUM RULES  (Please read before posting) Output
Unidad SFAG

Cantidad de envíos : 2918
Fecha de inscripción : 03/08/2009
Edad : 34
Localización : Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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